Greatwall Panel Pte Ltd

Greatwall Panel Pte Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Lian Wang Trading Pte. Ltd.

Lian Wang Trading Pte. Ltd. is incorporated since 1992 to serve the building and construction industry. It has since established a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers by providing excellent services and ensuring that all products sold are the best in quality and at the most competitive price.

Being a leading provider of bricks, tiles and many other construction materials to the local, regional and global market, Lian Wang Trading Pte. Ltd. is also one of the very few companies in Singapore which has a large yard to keep stock of materials so as to meet the constant construction supplies requirement for our clients. Sheltered storages are provided for the building materials, which are weather sensitive.

Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd supplies a wide range of building and construction materials like the lightweight panel/wall, clay bricks, cement bricks, cement , adhesive-mix, concrete paves and many others. The company has been able to react quickly and effectively to customers’ requirement with a large fleet of crane mounted lorries.

Lightweight Panel/ Wall (Prefabricated Partition Wall)

The legislation of build-able design and thus the use of more build-able systems requiring lesser labour, has improve site productivity. One of which is the prefabricated partition wall system.

A partition wall is “an internal wall used for the purpose of sub-dividing a storey of building” into sections and which supports no load other than its own weight and wall fixtures. Such partition walls are given grades that are related to the level of activity in adjacent spaces and the degree of care the partition is likely to receive, Grades are also determined by the structural and functional performances of the partition.

The advantages of the prefabricated partition system include ease of installation and replacement. This means home owners can easily improve their home layouts according to their needs and remodel their homes when desired. The prefabricated partition walls are also lightweight and have better quality finish.

Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel

Jia Wang Building Products Pte. Ltd. recommends the “Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel”, which is designed and manufactured in China in year 2002 and has since been successfully installed in over 50 projects and counting. “Lightweight material” here means:

  • any concrete product made with lightweight aggregates such as pumice, perlite, vermiculite; or
  • any hollow concrete block, hollow glass block, autoclaved aerated concrete block and the like.

Read the Test Reports and the installation guides to find out more about “Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel” performance and reliability.

Features of Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel

  • Green Mark Product“Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel” is made up of 30~40% recycled coal ash, magnesium oxide (MgO),
    magnesium chloride (MgCl), fiber and mixed together with non-toxic chemical for strength.
  • Lightweight“Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panels” are lighter than any other traditional panels, the weight is only
    40kg/m2 compare to other concrete pre-cast panel which is 120-140 kg/m2. They are thinner and do not
    require plaster work after the construction. Therefore the overall design and application can reduce the cost
    in base and structure, and then reduce the total cost of the building.
  • Flame ResistanceThe test results of PSB Test of Fire Fighting Equipment show, “Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel” has the
    flame resistance g reatly superior to the industrial standards, with the duration of fire
    endurance of over 2 hours insulation and integrity without infill and thick plaster.
  • Sound and Thermal InsulationDuring the manufacturing of “Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel”, many tiny pores generate inside the
    panels through foaming, which become the still air layer inside the panels. And air is the best medium of
    sound and thermal insulation, showing great efficiency in insulating noise and saving energy.
  • High PerformanceThe test results of stiffness, small hard body impact (Surface damage&Perforation), large soft body impact
    (Resistance to damage & Resistance to structural damage), door slam, crowd pressure, light weight
    anchorage ( Pull out & Pull down) and heavy weight anchorage ( Wash basin & Wall cupboard) conducted
    by PSB show that ”Great wall Ultra Lightweight Panels” has achieved severe duty and PSB has certified
    that ”Great wall Ultra Lightweight Panels” has damage resistance as a partition system greatly superior to
    the industrial standards.
  • Lintel & Stiffener SavingGreat saving on lintel and stiffener owe to the light weight, “Great Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel” can go up
    to 6m height without horizontal lintel and 7m span without vertical stiffener with PE calculation and
  • Reduce WastageGreat Wall Ultra Lightweight Panel can be easily cut on site and almost 99% re-use back during
    installation. To minimize wastage, precise calculation on the number of panels required for stagger joint will
    be provided before installation.