Installation Works Demonstration

Great Wall Ultra Light Weight Panel Installation Works Demostration

Method Statement Briefing

Method Statement Briefing 1

Method Statement Briefing 2


Tools & Equipments

  • Crow Bar
  • Hand held cutter/ Grinder with cutting disc
  • Pallet Jack (To shift panel to installation location)
  • Trowel
  • Hammer
  • Timber wedges
  • Fiber mesh (To cover hollow)


  • Grout
  • Davco TTB ECO (Thick and thin bed tile adhesive)
  • T-10 or L brackets to tie between panels

Guidelines for Installation

  • Mark setting-out line for Great Wall Ultra Light Weight Panel based on the surveyors reference lines.
  • Lift all panels to work area
  • Prepare Davco TTB ECO & Grout
  • Apply Grout on top, bottom & kerb of the panel
  • Apply Davco TTB ECO at the vertical face of the panel.


Mixing Building Materials in Singapore

Mixing of Grout & Davco TTB ECO
(Strictly as per manufacturer’s recommendation)

Prepare concete lightweight panel for perpendicular walls

Prepare panel for perpendicular walls

Clear Dust and Debris in concete lightweight panel for use in building

Clearing of loose dust and debris

Light weight wall Panel Positioning

Panel Position and Alignment

Securing lightweight Panel wall by wedges

Secure panel by inserting timber wedges

Ensuring Vertical Level of panel wall

Final adjustment of alignment and verticality

Insert tray into holes after installing wall panel

Inserting white tray and filling the holes with grout

Remove excess from Apply Davo TTB-ECO in joints step

Apply Davco TTB ECO in joints between panels

Apply fiber mesh between joints

Apply Fiber Mest Between Joints

End Result

Light weight wall Panel Joint example

Panel Joint

professional Door and window opening example

Door and Window Opening

M and E Joint using Great Wall light weight panel

M & E Joint

L and T joint using Great Wall light weight panel

L and T Joints